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Shenzhen by Range Rover Sport PHEV | A first drive in the new Range Rover Evoque | Mid-century modernist architecture in Germany | George Bamford on what makes true luxury | Meet moon-walker Charlie Duke | Carnival subculture in Brazil


OFFTRACK A R E W E T H E R E Y E T ? For antics big and small, adventurer Ben Saunders finds the Discovery a trusty ally In spending long tracts of my adult life dragging a sledge around the polar regions, I fear I may have been guilty of perpetrating the myth that if a journey doesn’t cross the Arctic Circle or take in a little of the barren Antarctic Plateau, then it doesn’t qualify as a proper adventure. The truth is that each hour I’ve spent on the ice has been preceded by many, many rather less glamorous hours of preparation and training. I suspect the modern-day Polar explorer’s ratio of time spent in a sledge harness versus time spent working on spreadsheets is probably approaching 1:1. One of the perks of the job, however, has been the commute. As I prepared to head to Antarctica in 2013 – to start a two-man, 1,800-mile expedition that went on to break the record for the longest ever polar journey on foot – I lived with my dog in a small London apartment. Battersea Park wasn’t going to be the best spot to train for our ascent of the fearsome Beardmore Glacier, so getting ready entailed more than a few road trips. The Land Rover Discovery turns 30 this year: three decades of expeditions, of exploring the planet and human limits. In my decade of ownership I’ve clocked up a six-figure mileage, shuttling between training trips in the hills, moors, fells, plateaus and valleys of Wales, the Lake District, Scotland, the Alps, even Iceland. In between, the venerable Discovery has also been pressed into service to deliver me suited and booted to meetings with sponsors and black-tie charity speaking engagements. One of the strange paradoxes of my career has been the peculiar anti-climax of reaching the biggest goals. I skied solo to both Poles, and completed the Antarctic journey that had defeated Shackleton. At the finish lines there were no fireworks, just a curious mixture of exhaustion, relief and a vague feeling of reticence about returning to the real world. There’s truth in the adage that the journey is the important part, and not the destination. It’s these long journeys that I have loved the most. Adventures that have involved a Land Rover full of friends in muddy walking boots and backpacks, a wet dog in the trunk, a flask of tea, and a plan to walk over a hill or two. And while I’m certain that the coming years will involve returning to the highest latitudes, I’ve also made a promise to myself that I will make more time for road trips to the hills with friends. And that I’ll spend a little less time working on spreadsheets… European model shown. PHOTOGRAPHY: XISCO FUSTER 78

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