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Share the passion of a Land Rover-loving community in a remote corner of India | Experience the thrills of driving on ice in the Range Rover Velar | Explore stunning Donegal with seafarer Monty Halls and his family | Relive the child-like sense of wonder captured at the Above & Beyond Tour | See why the Range Rover PHEV impressed mountaineer Jimmy Chin | Encounter the most powerful Defender: the Classic Works V8 special


ARCTIC ADVENTURE Cold-Nose-Huskies after meeting at a sled dog kennel. Strid, from northern Sweden, is a trained wilderness guide, dog trainer and animal keeper, while German Hoffman is a photographer who has undertaken expeditions through Alaska, Greenland and most of Scandinavia. When they’re not leading guests around the forests and lakes of Arjeplog, Strid and Hoffman like to put themselves to the ultimate test in some of the world’s most demanding sled dog races. The epic routes – some over 620 miles long – are a true test of determination and endurance. These races pay homage to the days when sled dogs provided a crucial mode of winter transport, as they did for the Sami – indigenous people living around Arjeplog and in other parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. In town, visitors can learn more about the culture and lives of the Sami, many of whom still work as reindeer herders, at the Silvermuseet. Housed in a former boarding school for the nomadic Sami children, it is home to an extensive collection of artifacts, and offers a wider look at the Arjeplog region throughout its varying seasons. The Båtsuoj center, half an hour south, offers a more hands-on insight into Sami life; you can explore traditional houses, feed reindeer and sit around a fire sampling an array of local meat and fish dishes while you listen to fascinating stories about Sami customs. Nowadays, snowmobiles have largely replaced huskies as a way of accessing remote areas during winter, and a snowmobile safari is an exciting way to explore the vast pine forests when you’re not tackling the tracks at the Land Rover Ice Academy. In the depths of the Arctic wilderness, it may well be a dog’s life, but Arjeplog certainly allows you to live yours at full pace. GET IN ON THE ACTION Book your visit to the Land Rover Ice Drive Academy at “FIND THE BALANCE AND LET THE MOMENTUM TAKE YOU” THE LAND ROVER ICE ACADEMY ON THE TRACK Tackle the thrill of ice driving amidst stunning Arctic scenery. Driving high-performance vehicles such as the Range Rover Sport and the new Range Rover Velar, you will be able to learn from expert instructors and take your skills to a new level. Three-day or four-day courses are available for both ice driving novices and those with previous experience. OFF THE TRACK Warm Scandinavian hospitality awaits at Arjeplog’s largest hotel. Silverhatten offers breathtaking views over Lake Hornavan and the snow-covered forests and mountains, and its restaurant serves delicious local and international cuisine. Round off your visit by exploring the region’s incredible beauty on a snowmobile tour, husky sled ride or Land Rover Experience drive to the Arctic Circle. 68

RIGHT XXXXXX Left: Experience the thrill of driving on ice. Below: Visit local Sami families, sample traditional dishes and listen to stories of their age-old way of life 69


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