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Share the passion of a Land Rover-loving community in a remote corner of India | Experience the thrills of driving on ice in the Range Rover Velar | Explore stunning Donegal with seafarer Monty Halls and his family | Relive the child-like sense of wonder captured at the Above & Beyond Tour | See why the Range Rover PHEV impressed mountaineer Jimmy Chin | Encounter the most powerful Defender: the Classic Works V8 special

N A V I G A T O R 04

N A V I G A T O R 04 TECHNOLOGY MADE OF ALL THE WRITE STUFF The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword. Well, now it certainly is. The Above and Beyond Pen by Land Rover reflects the characteristics of the vehicles themselves: iconic, durable and truly capable. Land Rover technicians subjected prototypes to a gauntlet of torment, freezing them in ice, submerging them in water, even running them over with a Land Rover vehicle. Thanks to its precision-machined, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum body, the pen emerged virtually unscathed and perfectly functional. Rubber shock-resisting end caps minimize damage if dropped, and the tapered tip means it can be used to break glass in an emergency. Able to write at any angle, underwater, over grease, at extreme temperatures and even in zero gravity, the Above and Beyond Pen will perform when others have long given up. The perfect partner to your field notes, wherever your adventures may take you. WATCH THE VIDEO Search 'Above and Beyond Pen by Land Rover' to see it tested. To order your own, visit or your local retailer 16

VELAR TAKES DESIGN CROWN 05 DESIGN Since its unveiling back in March 2017, the stunning Range Rover Velar has been making headlines around the globe for all the right reasons. But arguably its most important to date is winning the 2018 World Car Design of the Year. Launched within the highly appropriate setting of London’s new Design Museum, the Velar was instantly recognized by the public and critics alike for its design focus and finesse. Not long afterwards, the svelte luxury SUV made it onto the five-strong World Car Design of the Year shortlist via recommendation from a panel of six globally respected design experts from media, academia and the car design industry. Then followed the votes of the wider jury – 82 of the world’s most influential motoring journalists from 25 countries – before the Velar was declared the best-of-the-design-best at the New York International Auto Show in March 2018. Gerry McGovern, Land Rover chief design officer, said: “We’re honored the jury recognized the tireless endeavors of our designers and engineers in delivering a vehicle with compelling design, tailored technology and relevant innovation, which come together to create a vehicle of instant desirability. The Velar brings a new dimension of modernity to the Range Rover family.” Named after the original concept Range Rover vehicles of the late 1960s, the Velar fills the model space between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Its superb proportions are instantly recognizable as a Range Rover, while its sleek low silhouette with minimal line work is closely in keeping with McGovern’s modernist philosophy. Flush fitting door handles, subtle copper accents and sophisticated surfacing all contribute to the vehicle’s instantly recognizable design. The less-is-more modernist approach continues through into the interior, which is masterfully executed with its secretuntil-lit blade technology, high levels of precision and highest quality materials and finishes. It is this attention to detail and focus on harmony that has led McGovern to describe the interior as “an environment of calm sanctuary.” The interior offers another first of its kind in the form of a collaboration with Danish luxury furniture specialists Kvadrat. Land Rover is the first car manufacturer to collaborate with a premium furniture company on a mass-production automotivegrade fabric weave, offering a RANGE ROVER VELAR new kind of luxury and a breath 2018 WORLD CAR of fresh air to the sector. DESIGN OF THE YEAR European model shown. 17

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