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Onelife 23

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Unveiling of the New Range Rover Velar | Step inside some of the planet’s most exclusive homes | Man’s relationship with dogs | An epic drive through the Isle of Skye | The legendary Beechcraft Bonanza takes to the Skies


01 DESIGN TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT NEWS N A V I G A T O R DESIGN MODERN EXPLORERS In December 1971, two Range Rover crews set out on a formidable 18,000-mile journey across the Americas that would become part of Land Rover history. Departing from Anchorage in Alaska and ending their journey at the most southerly point in Argentina, the now iconic British Trans- Americas Expedition was led by British officer, explorer and author Colonel John Nicholas Blashford-Snell, who steered his two first-generation Range Rover vehicles across the continents. Halfway down, they faced the Darién Gap, a large swathe of undeveloped swampland and rainforest connecting the two Americas at the border between Panama and Colombia. Thanks to Blashford-Snell’s legendary grit and the two Range Rover vehicles’ peerless capabilities, the expedition made it across to become the first vehicle-based expedition to traverse both American continents through the Darién Gap. Fast-forward to 2017, and this classic Land Rover moment now lives again, thanks to the 2017 Land Rover Heritage Collection: a premium range of clothing, gifts and accessories inspired by that all-conquering spirit of perseverance. In it you’ll see the inspiration from the original Range Rover vehicles’ navy and gold finish, while technical graphics and route map designs help bring the legend of the British Trans- Americas Expedition back to life. FIND OUT MORE To see the full range of products, visit HERITAGE DARIÉN GAP IPHONE® COVER The blue Heritage Darién Gap hard case cover for the iPhone ® captures the mood of the original expedition with a modern twist, featuring Range Rover technical drawings and the original Heritage logo. The cover is compatible with wireless charging and is available for iPhone ® 6, 6 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus (also available for the Samsung Galaxy range). PHOTOGRAPHY: EMMA HALL / IAN WINSTANLEY 8

The Land Rover Heritage Collection 2017 celebrates the original spirit of the British Trans-Americas Expedition and features a full range of clothing and accessories for both men and women 9


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Land Rover’s Onelife magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go above and beyond.

Land Rover vehicles go above and beyond, to help you make the most of your world. The latest issue of Onelife delivers this philosophy to your living room with evocative narrative and stunning photography. Experience a rich variety of perspectives from around the globe: from eco-innovators in China to road-testing in Greece and modernist architecture in Germany

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