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Unboxing of the All-New Discovery | A portrait of the sailing legend, Ben Ainslie | Look into the future of mobility and transportation | Copenhagen – probably the coolest city in the world?


FOREWORD MASTER AND COMMANDER Growing up in rural Cheshire in the UK a lot of my family’s friends were farmers, so from a very early age I thought cars were Land Rover vehicles – Defender models to be more accurate. Then of course in the sailing community so many people use Land Rover vehicles to tow boats, to get access to beaches, to launch and recover boats and then at the end of the day as a place to stash sails and sodden wetsuits. I finally bought one of my own last year, – I managed to get one of the very last Defender models – just. And sure enough living on the Isle of Wight now, Georgie, my wife, and I use it for all those same reasons; it’s rugged, you can take it on the beaches and yes, still throw all your wet sailing gear in there at the end of the day without having to care too much. Of course it’s a family car now with the arrival of our daughter Bellatrix earlier this year. I’m now leading a British challenger to win – for the first time in 167 years – The America’s Cup, the oldest sporting competition in the world. Cup racing is now as much about aerodynamics and control systems as it is about more traditional marine design and engineering skills. So when we established a team to challenge for the Cup we knew we needed those skills and that they would come from a car maker. I’m delighted that it’s Land Rover we have partnered with. We hope, whether we are successful or not next year, we’ll use this coming together of skills to re-ignite marine engineering, boat building and naval architecture in the UK. We’ve set up a Trust – The 1851 Trust – to help do just that. I’ve been told I was the first person outside of Land Rover to drive the All-New Discovery (the team are the stars in the new ad!). I was blown away by how much space there was in there, space enough for the entire crew and our coach, and none of them are small guys. Or exactly easy to keep happy for that matter. But I was also blown away by how Land Rover has evolved its basic values – designing everything to be as useful as possible – into something almost space-age to look at. The boat Land Rover BAR has developed – the boat I hope to skipper to victory next year – comes from the same place. In one sense it’s absolutely functional, designed-forpurpose, yet it’s evolved to a level you will not believe until you see it. I really hope you will be watching when we take to the water in Bermuda next year. If nothing else, I promise it will be spectacular. Sir Ben Ainslie, Team Principal and Skipper, Land Rover BAR 6

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